Rooney's Groundswell Tour


Rooney's tour provided an ideal concert for South Florida's live music audience.  The group performed a flawless show along with skillful music artists, Royal Teeth and Swimming with Bears. They performed at the rustic and intimate club Culture Room, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Tuesday, October 18th. The music groups have been touring through Central and South East cities of the United States on their Groundswell Tour. They have been captivating audiences with their high-octane performances and rapturous sounds. The group's stage presence was inspirational and masterful. Each band member poured their heart, soul, and talents into each song's performance.

The Groundswell Tour is a compelling show filled with exhilarating music and enticing live performances. It was a delightful comeback for Rooney after the release of their new album, "Washed Away." Robert Schwartzman of Rooney has been on a successful journey creating music for solo projects, soundtracks, and Rooney albums. Also, he is promoting his first featured film, "Dreamland," both written and directed by him. Rooney performed songs from their heart turning album, "Washed Away," along with classic songs from their earlier popular albums.

Robert Schwartzman composed, produced, and mixed the album, "Washed Away." The tracks are a whirlwind journey filled with personal experiences of loves and losses. The self-titled track, "Washed Away," provides vivid imagery of the efforts of building a sand castle that is abruptly washed away by the ocean waves. This insightful song illustrates efforts contributing to building close friendships, romantic relationships, or meaningful moments which suddenly can dissipate before one's eyes. And just as a sandcastle is washed away by the rising tide, beloved things held dearly in life can also exist temporarily.   This dreamy album is filled with moving melodies and nostalgic lyrics. 

"All the Beautiful People," is an energetic track which stirs the listener to sway, dance, and be uplifted by the impulsive beat and rhythm. "Why," is a heartwarming duet featuring the delightful French songstress, Soko. The momentous tune conveys a dreamlike story between two lovers on the verge of a breakup due to the uncertainty in their topsy-turvy relationship. The whole-hearted album whisks the listener away into a idealistic state of mind. The emotional melodies touches upon the soul of the listener by providing intense positive and euphoric feelings.

The personal lyrics discuss topics of romance, heartbreak, acceptance, and self discovery. The heartfelt song, "Sad But True," was written for Robert Schwartzman's film, "Dreamland." The touching lyric from the track, "It all makes sense, it's so sad but true," brings to realization of why certain unfortunate events occur in one's life. "Sometimes you find something else that wasn't expected, but it's right. Something makes sense the way it is. This is the song's underlying meaning being conveyed by the song writer, Robert Schwartzman.

In the film, "Dreamland," the main character, Monty, played by Johnny Simmons, undergoes a heart-rending journey to discover his true calling. Viewers can relate to the film's character who is an artist and dreamer trying to figure out his aspirations. Robert Schwartzman composed the film's ethereal soundtrack which features songs from "Washed Away." "Dreamland" will premiere at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival on Friday, November 4th at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. Purchase tickets for "Dreamland" online!

Robert Schwartzman will be working on future projects to include a Rooney album and film. He is focused on completing his life's work through music and film. Attend a local Groundswell tour date to enjoy a mesmerizing evening filled with riveting live performances, charming music, and adoring fans! Rooney will be touring with Romes and SWIM in December 2016.  For tour information and to purchase, Rooney's new album, "Washed Away," visit

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