Whatever Happened to My Rock & Roll?


Deap Vally’s second album, "FEMEJISM," was released on September 16th. The Los Angeles based duo is comprised of guitarist/vocalist, Lindsey Troy and drummer/vocalist, Julie Edwards. The dynamic album is an unapologetic cry of Rock & Roll, whiskey-coated vocals, and empowering lyrics. With songs sporting names such as “Smile More” and “Little Baby Beauty Queen,” this group’s unique brand of feminist-rock delves into the issues that other groups choose to ignore.

Deap Vally has been touring their new album across the country with Death from Above 1979 and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. On Saturday November 5th, the groups came to Atlanta, Georgia and performed a the music venue, the Masquerade. Acting as the openers, Deap Vally instantly captured the crowd’s attention. The dark, grungy vibe of the venue matched perfectly with the musical acts.

Shortly after Deap Vally played, the crowd huddled in closer, awaiting the next group, Death From Above 1979; the Canadian rock duo with Punk vocals, sporadic guitar riffs, and a grunge attitude. At the end of their set the group's drummer/lead vocalist, Sebastien Grainger, apologized to the audience for his exhausted, frustrated, high-on-painkiller attitude, and confided in the audience that he had been in a serious fight at a previous show, and was currently nursing some relatively serious injuries. Wounds and all, they still put on an energetic and captivating show that left the audience wanting more.

The final group to play the evening was Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, a Neo-Psychedelic Grunge Rock group from San Francisco, California. The group is comprised of band members: Peter Hayes, Robert Levon Been, and Leah Shapiro. The crowd eagerly chanted and awaited the headlining act, pushing and shoving their way forward in the already-too-small venue. As soon as they took the stage the crowd lit up with renewed energy and excitement. The members were covered in fog and flashing, dramatic lights, making the event even more theatrical and mesmerizing.

The three groups are set to be on tour together into the next month, and are currently adding shows across the nation.

Photography and Artist Feature by Jenny Watts

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