Tame Impala's New York State of Mind


Exquisite summer evenings bestowed audiences at an enchanting New York City music venue for Tame Impala's breathtaking performances. The charming scenery and stunning entertainment provided for an unforgettable live music experience. Tame Impala and Dungen performed two live shows at the Prospect Park band-shell in collaboration with BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival. The event coordinators organize one of the cities' most engaging outdoor music festivals. Various artists perform complimentary and ticketed performances at the band-shell.

As the summer sun was setting, guests lined up outside the venue and around the corner, to witness the musical experience of a lifetime. The security opened the doors promptly at 6:00 pm and the crowd flourished in through the tall metal gates. The outdoor venue is amidst the lush forest in Prospect Park. Vendor booths within the park offered band merchandise and refreshments. Exclusive commodities provided by the event were a beer garden with an assortment of draft beers and a VIP area.


Dungen (pronounced Dun-Yen) captivated the audience with their hypnotic live performance. Their Psychedelic Pop and Folk Rock music is enchanting and experimental. The group combines their charming Swedish language with an array of whimsical instrumentals. The musicians utilize "Progg" Rock and Smooth Jazz to create ethereal sounds. Their easy listening music is relaxing and soothing. 

Their cultural influences are depicted in their evocative and chilling sounds. Gustav Estes, singer and keyboardist, sings in his eclectic Swedish language. He plays upon the organ keys alongside the forceful sounds of heavy bass, guitar, and drums. Gustav like Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, is the producer, arranger, and singer of his group. 

Dungen’s dynamic live performance is created by the band members: guitarist, Reine Fiske, bassist, Mattias Gustavsson, and drummer, Johan Holmegard. Their mesmerizing music evokes sedative feelings in their listeners. Their music provides a mixture of emotions in the listener from feelings of solace to bliss. Their heart-stirring music does not associate to any particular genre. 


The audience cheered and roared as Tame Impala stepped upon the stage into a misty fog. Kevin Parker engaged the audience as he stepped on stage by waving and gleaming at his adoring fans. The band members picked up their instruments and began their live show with powerful experimental melodies. The psychedelic effects by various pedals and synthesizers create a stimulating audible experience. Their dazzling visuals enhance the viewer's live experience with colorful designs on a light projector.

They performed melancholic and insightful songs, "Why Won't They Talk To Me?" and "Mind Mischief." Kevin Parker sang with his high pitched vocals to songs from his latest album, "Currents." The audience sang every line along with the front man to "The Less I Know The Better." "Yes, I'm Changing" was a touching and confessional performance which he dedicated to his longtime girlfriend, Sophie. The screen projected video imagery of his angelic girlfriend biking through their native Australian landscape. He had his back to the audience as he sang towards the screen as if he was serenading her.

The enticing performance of "Let It Happen" is an elongated instrumental song which lasts for 8 minutes. The band members teased the audience with their instrumental solos during this song. Kevin picked up his guitar as the solo ended and sang alongside Jay Watson as he performed luring chords on the keys. Kevin Parker also sang an ethereal melody of "The Moment" accompanied with thunderous guitars. Their energetic performance of their classic song, "Elephant," elevated the mood. 

Tame Impala innovate their live performances with colorful light shows and musical improvisations. The group will change chords, mix beats, or utilize synthesizers to alter the song from its' original track. The improvisations keep the audience on their toes since they are anticipating the live rendition to mimic the album. Kevin Parker performed in front of the black screen and played his electric guitar which created twisted emerald lines visuals from the music. The vivid imagery was magnificent and provided the ideal musical experience. 

The audience cheered and applauded as Tame Impala ended their jaw-dropping performance. They roared loudly for the group to come back on stage and perform more songs. They sang along to the band's encore of "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" and "New Person, Same Old Mistakes." Kevin Parker humbled by the audience's applause and adoration went down on his knees and bowed. He held his hands to his chest and felt the devotion and praise emitted by his loving fans. Tame Impala's live shows consist of multi-technicolor images, thought-provoking songs, and dreamy experimental melodies.

Tame Impala are currently on tour with Dungen, visit their site for upcoming tour dates. Follow them throughout their tour on Facebook and Twitter.

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