Adventure Awaits at Universal Studios and CityWalk


Renowned as a hotspot for all things glitz, glam, and movie stars, Hollywood, CA is a prime travel destination. It’s here that old film charm meets modern attractions in a space that pleases the likes of movie enthusiasts, theme park attendees, food lovers, and music fans alike.

This famous city is especially teeming with life throughout the summer months where sunny days and comfortable night time temperatures keep eager adventure seekers flocking back to soak up the California sunshine and Hollywood atmosphere.

Two of the most popular areas to explore include the Universal Studios amusement park and the neighboring Universal CityWalk. It’s here that people uncover their inner child and let their imagination and sense of wonder roam free. Happy exploring everyone!



Located directly off Universal City Boulevard, the CityWalk is a 3-block open-air promenade lined with a mix of designer stores, delicious donut shops and, of course, a grand cinema. The drama of the area is breathtaking and visitors can’t help but keep their heads on a swivel as they make their way through the outdoor walkways and semi-dome-covered plazas. Children are also just as delighted as they explore areas of the CityWalk catered just for them. Multi-colored water features are prefect for light-hearted play and cooling off on a warm day and displays such as the fiery red dragon overlooking the balcony ensure an ever-present sense of excitement. Night time wanderings also provide a spectacular sight with neon signs and décor bringing the area to life with brilliant color.

However, for fans of good music and great food, the Hard Rock Café is by far the most exciting stop along the promenade. Complete with a 75 ft replica statue of Eddie Van Halen’s famous “Frankenstein” guitar at the front entrance, this not so hidden gem of a building is no doubt a very special place.

From President Bill Clinton’s saxophone to Nancy Wilson’s signed guitar, Hard Rock’s two-story building is a packed with iconic memorabilia. Even more unique is the ability of the space to bring music lovers of all generations together in a shared sense of awe. Whether you’re a fan of older rock or new wave pop, you’re guaranteed to find something to peak your interest.

For visitors well versed in the modern indie-pop scene, there’s one item to which all eyes are immediately drawn. Perched and glistening above the dining booths, sits a familiar piece donated by the indie-pop outfit, Ecosmith. In fact, outfit is a rather appropriate description as the white dress on display is the very same piece worn by lead singer, Sydney Sierota, in the music video for the band’s hit song, “Cool Kids” (2013).

Another standout item visitors won’t want to miss is the signed bass donated by Justin Emord of Love and a .38. For Justin, this instrument has a special meaning. Starting its life playing in small clubs, the bass, along with Justin, graduated to bigger and bigger stages. If instruments could tell tales, this one would have a grand story to pass along. As Justin explains, this bass holds a special sense of inspiration. There’s a message in the fact that no matter where you start, if you work hard and pursue what you love, there is no limit to where you’ll end up. However, the instrument isn’t the only inspiring one around. Justin himself is a beacon of kindness. When he’s not rocking out with his band on stage, Justin spends time working with organizations such as the House of Blues to help kids with their own musical careers and passions. So, if you happen to run into him at a music festival or stopping by Hard Rock Café, make sure to say “hello” and “thank you” for the amazing work he does on and off stage!



Universal Studios is the perfect summer reminder that one is never too old to feel like a kid again. Spanning around 415 acres, the park has everything one could want from a stunning replica of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley to The Simpsons’ Krustyland.

For yet another sense of adventure, visitors can find streets mimicking the likes of Paris, France and Great Britain as they stroll from one area to another. With the waving flags and intricate building façades, it’s not hard to picture you are indeed on a luxurious European vacation.

In fact, setting a life-like stage is something that Universal Studios does quite well. Attendees particularly interested in Hollywood movies are even provided a special opportunity to take a narrated behind-the-scenes tram tour. Fans can sit back and relax as a park employee guides them through various movie and T.V. sets ranging from Desperate Housewives, Skull Island, and even Jaws!  

Overall, it’s an adventure for the books! Come out and enjoy!

Special Thanks: A special thank you goes out to Justin Emord and Supervisor, A.J. Gardner for their time and personal insight into Hard Rock Café and music experience.

Coverage by Jessica Nakamoto

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