A + E Performance Pavilion


A+E Performance Pavilion was an ideal way to end a vigorous work week. The performances were attractive and thrilling. Before the performance, A + E District and Emerge Miami hosted a laid-back happy hour in the evening in Miami, Florida. There was a relaxing musical set by DJ Immortal. Tasty appetizers were provided by local vendor, Lonewolf. Guests enjoyed a delectable meal and savory drinks before the performance. A+E Performance Pavilion show began promptly at 8:30 pm. Numerous guests eagerly gathered into the circus tent to watch the show.

A+E Performance Pavilion was burlesque and circus themed. The highlights of the performances were the action-packed acts and rousing comedy. As guests waiting for the performance to begin, they were being entertained by the hilarious "Ana Rana Tropicana." She was dressed in an one-piece mustard suit. Guests perceived her character to be either a chicken or a condom. The host and ringleader of A+E Performance Pavilion was Octavio Campos. He was a mischievous comedian and performance artist. He playfully belittled the crowd and engaged in humiliating acts with guests. The guests welcomed his catty attitude and naughty behavior. 

Octavio would interact with guests in the front row by engaging in stimulating conversation. He would ask guests about their opinion on the meaning of specific performances after they were performed. He encouraged the guests to enjoy the show while pondering the symbolism of each performance.

The following act was performed by the red-headed vixen, Milena Straczynski. Her performance was a captivating contemporary piece about departing from the circus life. She handed her notice to the ringleader, Octavio, as she walked away with her suitcase packed to the brim. Her performance involved stripping herself from her attire along with the circus lifestyle. She removed the coat she adorned and packed up her intimates as to leave her current life and profession behind. Her performance was an enchanting and mesmerizing modern dance.

The succeeding impressionable dance was performed by a mysterious foreign dancer, Dayanis. She was dressed in sultry black attire and wearing a bowler hat. She performed a bewitching cultural dance on roller blades. She danced in aerobic style moves while juggling multiple hats on the center stage. After this invigorating performance, the host, Octavio, engaged the crowd by asking them their thoughts about this interpretive dance. He asked the guests, "What does the hat represent to you?"

The anticipated act at A+E Performance Pavilion was the aerial acrobatics show by Swedish entertainer, Hampus. The aerial performance was Rock and Roll themed. Guests gawked and awed as Hampus climbed up a rope to the tent's ceiling. Hampus entranced the crowd with his gripping performance. The electrifying performance was reminiscent of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The song played during the performance was reminiscent of Nick Cave. 

The host, Octavio, engaged the crowd and selected a guest for the next performance. The guest, Josh, was chosen to spin the Wheel of Sin. He was asked to spin the wheel and perform an act based on one of the seven deadly sins. The spinner needle fell on the deadly sin, "Lust." Josh performed a hysterical arousal performance with three enchanting artists including Ana Rana Tropicana. His role playing act was geared to seduce three beautiful female performance artists. He was provided the soundtrack, "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye. He interacted and provoked the lovely artists in a rhythmic performance. He selected Ana Rana Tropicana as his optimal mate. He won a bottle of champagne for his dramatic performance.

A stirring swan themed dance was performed by Argentinian entertainer, Pamela Paz. She danced alongside two female entertainers in a Winter-themed burlesque dance. They twirled and performed with enormous pristine feathers. After her performance, she selected three guests for her next act. She taught three gentlemen from the audience how to tassel dance and strike a pose. The men entered a contest for the best tassel performance. The crowd applauded and cheered for their stimulating performance.  

After the wild performance, a Marionette ballerina act riveted the crowd. Milena was the puppeteer of a posh ballerina. Milena held the ballerina tightly with numerous white thick ribbons. The ringleader, Octavio, chased the Milena and the ballerina with jagged scissors. His goal was to cut the everlasting strings of the ballerina. The dance could be perceived as invisible strings holding an individual together.

The show continued with a transfixed show by stunning performance artists, Kristen and Mami. The gender-bending act was performed to the song, "Womanizer" by Britney Spears. The performance was a glamorous serenade between a tuxedo dressed female performer and burlesque performer. The ravishing performance was between two upset lovers. They were engrossed in dance and at another moment passionately attacking one another.

The final performance was an elegant dance of love between Hampus and Milena. The entertainers performed a graceful aerial duet. The gorgeous lovers performed exquisite aerobic acts above the audience The intense performance unified with the romantic song playing in the background, "No Pity" by Jackie Wilson. This beguiling performance left guests with a spellbinding impression from the event.

A+E Performance Pavilion performances elevated the viewers' level of thinking. The performance stimulated creativity and critical thinking. The host, Octavio, mentioned the thought provoking performances were an opportunity to discover hidden talent. The live performances were invigorating and entrancing. The enthralling event left the audience with a new appreciation of the arts.