The Heat at Shaky Knees Festival


Music lovers gathered for a second festive outing on Saturday, May 9th at Shaky Knees Festival. The festival featured live performances by Kevin Devine, Palma Violets, Black Lips, Fidlar, Interpol, Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds. The artists were from diverse musical backgrounds: Alternative, Indie, Folk, Punk, and Garage Rock. It was a scorching hot day AT the festival grounds in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the opening performances was by British sensation, Palma Violets, which performed a brisk and high strung musical set. Their thrilling performance was held at the festival's grand stage, Ponce De Leon.

Fidlar performed to a lively and massive crowd at the adjacent stage, Buford Highway. The spirited show was rowdy with crowd-goers moshing throughout the show. However, despite the chaotic nature of the concert, it was an enjoyable experience. Their cheerful performance had the most active audience. The participants crowd-surfed and bounced around to the vigorous music. The group cheered uplifting lyrics such as "I drink cheap beer so what."

Black Lips entertained and roused the audience during their live performance at the Ponce De Leon stage. Their music performance was the ideal way to begin a festival. Black Lips are an unruly Garage Rock and Punk band from Atlanta, Georgia. They performed feral Punk songs such as "O! Katrina", "Boy in the Woods," "Bad Kids," and "Family Tree." The spunky lead singer, Cole Alexander, mentioned that band members and himself used to sneak into this music festival every year. 

Cole mentioned that this show was their first time performing at the Shaky Knees Festival instead of sneaking into it. The handsome and rugged bassist, Jared Swilley, performed swiftly as the heavy sun rays rested on him. The vigorous group's live performance was provocative and exhilarating.

For the following performance, the concert-goers stood underneath the beating sun to await Interpol at the Piedmont Stage. Interpol fans discussed before the concert whether the group would perform new, old, or rare songs. The members of Interpol dressed in dapper and dashing black suits. The lead singer, Paul Banks, was dressed in business casual and wore a pressed blue linen shirt and straw hat. 

Paul Banks was statuesque and stunning throughout the band's entire live performance. He appeared melancholic and intense as his enticing songs. Their performance was bewitching and breathtaking. They performed seasoned and newly released songs such as "Everything is Wrong", "Stella Was A Driver," and "Take You On A Cruise." Interpol endured the overbearing sunbeams and motivated the weary crowd. Paul Banks was drenched in sweat at the end of his dynamic performance.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds were headlining performers at the Shaky Knees Music Festival. Noel Gallagher was comical and joking with the audience. He informed the audience that he would be playing new songs from his latest album. He said, "I know that is why you were not here." He interacted with the audience throughout his show. 

Noel Gallagher agreed to give his fan a set list if she agreed to help him find a way to get a Grammy award. He continued to joke and play around with the audience throughout his set. He performed classic Oasis songs such as "Champagne Supernova" and "Live Forever." He also performed songs from his album, "Aka What A Life!:" "If I Had a Gun," and "Dream On." He also performed songs from his latest album, "Chasing Yesterday:" "The Mexican," "The Ballad of the Mighty," and "Riverman" The audience sang along to each of his moving lyrics and melodies. Noel Gallagher closed his set with a superb performance of Oasis' marvelous song, "Look Back In Anger."

The Avett Brothers were the main headliners of Shaky Knees Festival. The group performed a two hour set to an enthusiastic audience. The group played feverish hits such as "Head Full of Doubt and Road Full of Promise." Their Folk Rock performance was alternative and animated. During their fast-spaced performance of the song, "Kick Drum Heart," Seth and Scott graced the audience with a closer appearance. They strolled down the center aisle in between the audience as they swiftly performed their instruments. Their encore was the sentimental melody, "I and Love and You."