Desert Daze × Fat Tire Present a Benefit for Joshua Tree National Park


People come from all over to experience the beauty of Joshua Tree National Park.

For many, this land serves as a spiritual haven and is considered to be a place of cleansing, healing, and purging of bad energy. Whether you’re climbing Echo Cove, exploring Indian trails, or meditating on your favorite boulder after a long hike, Joshua Tree gives us so much. Now we all have a chance to give back.

Desert Daze and Fat Tire have joined forces to raise money for the restoration of Southern California’s sacred Joshua Tree National Park. What was a sold out single night has now become a back-to-back double night benefit event for our beautiful patch of desert.

An overwhelming amount of desecration has hit the park as a result of the recent government shutdown. The longest shutdown in US history transpired under the current administration from December 22, 2018 until January 25, 2019. Shutdowns in the past had postponed all activity and operations at national parks, including visitor access, but the Trump administration strayed from past policies by leaving national parks open to the public. With park employees temporarily laid off during the shutdown, the delicate ecosystems of the parks all over the nation have been disturbed, unmaintained, and threatened.

An important part of the Mojave Desert ecosystem, many different species of bird, mammal, insect, and reptile are dependent on the land for food and shelter. It’s heartbreaking how much harm Joshua Tree National Park has and will continue to suffer as a consequence of just 5 short weeks of neglect. Those 35 days may not seem like much time but it’s more than enough to cause significant damage to the park’s 790,636 acres for years to come. A former superintendent of Joshua Tree National Park has stated that the negative effects of this shutdown could last 200 to 300 years.

The shutdown may be over but the damage is done and the repercussions for our beautiful land can last lifetimes. The destruction includes piles of trash and waste, defacement, cutting down centuries-old trees, and even abandoned electronics and furniture. Hundreds of illegal campfires and miles of unauthorized trails formed by off-roading vehicles have also devastated the park. All this unauthorized and illegal use and abuse during the shutdown has changed the behavior of wildlife and affected habitats. The financial challenge of restoring the park will take labor, time, and money.

Desert Daze and Fat Tire host this benefit in efforts to relieve and restore the current critical condition of the park. All proceeds will be going towards Friends of Joshua Tree, a nonprofit dedicated to caring for, cleaning, and restoring the park. Eventbrite is doing their part by waiving the service fees for this event! For the months of June and July, Fat Tire is donating $1 for every pint sold at Pappy & Harriets, building up to July 26th and 27th. These two special nights are loaded with talented musicians and artists all coming together for Joshua Tree National Park! Performances will be taking place on Pappy & Harriets indoor and outdoor stages! The first night’s performers are Kiev, Vinyl Williams, and Jjuujjuu as well as a dj set from Jeffertitti. The second night will include Sugar Candy Mountain, Rancho De La Luna Faction, Mattson 2, and Allah Las! Visuals for both nights will be done by Snake Chime Zen and Slim Reaper featuring artwork by Andrew McGranahan. Don’t forget, this event is ALL AGES so bring the fam!

Come to Pappy & Harriet’s and support the cause, but also remember to take a moment outside and experience this beautiful land when you do. But if you can’t make it to the show and would like to show support, you can still donate any amount at Eventbrite through a “donate” ticket. You can also visit Pappy & Harriets in Pioneertown and throw back a few pints of Fat Tire for the cause! Drink responsibly!

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Coverage by Sade De La Espriella

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